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Programmable Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Star Make Programmable Fully Automatic Paper Guillotine with latest Hydraulic Power Pack, Air Cushion Table, High Cutting Speed, Photo Electrical Safety ,Specially Designed Electro Magnetic Clutch and brake (Hydraulic Clamp) 99 x 99 Program With Two Knives , Two Side Stock Tables, Complete Machine with Electricals and Manual . Star Make Programmable Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine is our Top of the Line Paper Cutter and the most sold high-speed cutters. The High Speed Star Make Programmable Automatic Paper Cutting Machine is specifically Designed to cut Paper, Plastics, Aluminum, PVC Film, Wood Veneers, Asbestos board, Emery Cloth, Rubber and Leather as well as other Sheet Material that is to be cut with precision and speed. Robust construction to withstand rugged handling and to ensure smooth operation. 1. Programme -The Storage capacity of the programme is 99 programmes and one programme capacity is 99 cuts in this machine. The accuracy of the programme is 0.01 mm 0.001 inch. Conversion from mm to inch fraction is also possible. 2. Label Mode- Single Cut and Multi Cut. 3. Back Gauge Accuracy Control-Back Gauge Accuracy Control through precision grinded guide system. 4. Frame Tablesand knife holder of graded cast iron. 5. High Grade Machine Body in Graded Castingto withstand toughest wear, strain and stress. 6. Adjustable Variable Clamping pressure300 to 4500 kg. 7. Drive Gear Box – The worm gear drive has ground worm, need less power than any other conventional drive. The gears are running in oil bath. 8. Latest hydraulic power packed unit. Double pressure cylinder. 9. Precision cutting 10. Precision Cast Iron Side tables with Air. 11. Air Cushion Table -Helps to move the paper stack very easily. 12. Hydraulic Clamp- The special features of this machine are double clamping pressure and gentle setting of the clamp on the paper to be cut. Hydraulic clamp pressure can infinitely be adjusted to accommodate any type of material. 13. Photo Electric Safety GuardA set of infra red light beams are projected in front of the cutting zone just above the table to avoid an accident. It gives full protection to the operator. 14. Central Lubrication System - Centrally located greasing points for the total lubrication of the machine. Operation with easy maintenance. Omitting of greasing points can no longer occur. 15. Cutting Line Indicator. 16. Performance many press owners in different parts of the world are fully satisfied with the performance of our machine.



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