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With an established range of sheet-fed Flexographic printing machines, STAR has answers to most packaging printing requirements. STAR Flexo Printer is designed to help corrugated packaging manufactures to keep pace with the demand for sharp and excellent printing on corrugated boxes. Incorporating the latest technology, STAR-Flexo Printer prints better and dries faster resulting in increased production.

The transfer of image is accomplished through Rubber/Nylon/Photo polymer Stereo of 2.8 mm (3mm) thickness, using liquid water- base or thinner base inks. Our new Flexo Printer is designed to bring perfection and Precision into Printing on corrugated board and Kraft paper. It is equipped with statistically and dynamically balanced rolls and the gears of hobbing cut. Printing station is equipped with rubber rolls, stainless steel ink ducts. Precise Inking and registration adjustment is provided on the machine. Flexo Printing System is used for transfer of image. Suitable for both packaging material producers and end users, the Flexo printing machine is available as hand fed model. All produce a uniformly high standard of print using the Flexographic process. Our Commitment to quality doesn’t end with the sale of the machine. We are always available on WhatsApp. Service and technical back-up are second to none. The Printing Quality of Corrugated Printing Machine is Excellent as compared to other manufacturers. The reason is that in our machine we use German make Endless Rubber Blanket .While Printing the paper or sheets some impression from the stereos do come on the Rubber Blanket. As the Length of Rubber blanket is nearly 14 Feet in Single Color machine. The effect of impressions is minimized due to Shear Length. The other manufacturers do not use Rubber Blanket and empty impressions come directly on the Pressure Roller, diameter of which is only maximum 5” .So the impression roller spoils with loose ink very soon .Resulting in bad prints after few days. As the impression roller is under the printing cylinder and operator has to go beneath the machine to clean it up so it continues to spoil day after day, week after week and sometime month after month and impressions on the paper continue to be deteriorated. Our Rubber blanket can be cleaned easily by water/ detergents after the finishing of work everyday. This will maintain the excellent printing quality of our Corrugation Printing Machine.
Anilox Roller is of excellent quality, it has 160 dpi which results in excellent printing quality and capable to print half tones. The rubber roll quality is also excellent the rubber used is synthetic the hardness is only 30 degree to transfer uniform ink to the anilox roll.
The Impression of the stereos comes on the soft rubber blanket and not directly on the steel roller so life of the stereos is enhanced by at least three times. Specially side of the first letter of the stereo damages on every time it presses the steel roller. With rubber blanket damage is negligible. The life of the rubber blanket is up to ten years. To Print On  Kraft paper & corrugated board  HDPE woven sacks  Laminated jute bags  Jute bags  Canvas bags Features  Ideal for printing on Kraft paper and corrugated board.  Distinct Impression  Easy accessibility to cleaning  Economical for small quantity/lot printing  Variable Speed.  Simple and quick to set up.  Most Modern and versatile.  All controls of feed paper are grouped together and placed within easy reach of the operator.  Smooth and low noise operation  Reliable after sale service  Prints through rubber-nylon photo polymer stereos using water or thinner based inks.  Stereos are fixed by means of Double sided Plaster.  Flawless and distinct impression-instant drying.  Easy operation and maintenance  Uniform Spreading and controlled flow ink  Draw rolls provided with pin setting arrangement to get print on exact position on all paper and boards.  Clutch provided to release the eccentric pressure to get the paper/board without printing if it feed wrongly.  To print directly on Kraft and corrugated board without damaging flutes  High Percentage of consistent repeatability.  Instant drying of prints.  No crushing of flutes as in board printer.  Operation made simple for working of unskilled person.  Easy job change-over.  Uniform inking of Flexo Anilox roller.  Economical Printing Cost.  Pre-Set Digital Counter up to 9999 Provided with Paper Sensor.  Clear High- clarity printing  Low maintenance.  Easy handling.  Large printing Area.  12 month warranty for manufacturing defects.  Main Frame made from graded steel held together by means of heavy cross supports. • Rubberized ink rollers. • The Machine can print on Glued Boxes as well as flat sheets or Paper. • The Machine can print on Single, Double, Triple, Five, Seven Or Any Ply Board. • Heavy duty Imported endless Rubber Blanket with Tensioning Arrangement. • All rollers made from seamless pipes duly machined and ground and run on ball bearings. • The Machine can work on Any Ink; Water Base As well as Thinner Base Inks. • Variable Speed from 0-2000 Impressions per Hour.  The machine has variable speed with AC Drive Siemens Germany/ Yashikawa Japan, Control Panel Board Siemens .  Machine stops instantly on stop due to AC Drive. Electric Consumption is minimum with AC Drive as it consumes electricity as per requirement. Ink circulation system can also be provided at extra cost.

METHOD OF OPERATION Flexo graphic printing System is used for transfer of image in Corrugation Printing Machine. The image is transferred through rubber stereos or polymer stereos of 3mm thickness. The stereos are mounted on the printing cylinder by means of Double side adhesive Tape. Ink is transferred to the stereos from rubberized inking and transfer rollers. Even flow of ink is possible by micro adjustment of rollers. Board/Boxes/Sheet/Bag is fed manually and precisely takenup automatically by the STAR MAKE “REGISTRATION MECHANISM” FOR ACCURATE PRINTING IN TWO COLOR MACHINE to print the image exactly where desired in two colors. Advantages Easy to operate even by unskilled worker. Sharp and clear printing output Small jobs can be printed in double and triple ups No drying time required 360 ° Radical movement of printing drum for enhancing fine adjustment Saves job changing time by providing sliding adjustment of ink tray Saves solvents for cleaning and washing of machine Increase life of stereo Our Motto is Best Quality Machines.

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